I got into longhorns in November of 2009. It started on a whim and after that you could say i was pretty well hooked. In 2011 I made some major strides in strengthening my cattle program with the Van Horne lines, Emperor daughters and grand daughters, but also added influence of JP Rio Grande. These lines have laid the foundation in what I hope to build. I have added many other genetic lines into the mix such as Jamakism, Maximus, Concealed Weapon, Iron Mike, and a Cowboy Tuff Chex son. I am always looking and evaluating my own cows and trying to improve upon my program and also looking for other animals from other breeding programs to further improve my herd.

I want to personally thank my parents and other family members for all of their help and involvement keeping up with my hectic schedule. Without them this wouldn't be a possible adventure.

Please take a look around. I hope you like what you see. If you have any questions about any animals or would just like to talk give me a call.